How to See Trends Before Everyone

How to See Trends Before Everyone
It’s interesting how tough times make people remember all the simple things in life, like food.

If you’ve been watching the news, meat and food shortages are becoming a real thing. (“food shortages are becoming a real thing”) And nothing will get a nation more focused on something than the fear of starvation. But remember: every piece of bad news brings with it an opportunity....

That’s why Alex and I are seeing our meat shipping company’s sales soar since CoronaVirus ( 

Basically people get a box filled with beef, chicken, and pork (with dry ice) - and we’re soon expanding to include dairy, dry goods, and healthy vegetables. 

We saw this trend before it happened and have been securing our niche in the rapidly growing online food-shipping business. 

Online grocery delivery is up 12% MOM. 

We basically want to be a competitor to Whole Foods. 

By the way: if you don’t watch the commodities and futures market… you should.

Watch the price on feeder, cattle, corn, rough rice, and pork bellies: if you do you’ll see trends faster than everyone else. 

Tai Lopez